Monday, February 10, 2014

Swagbucks Extension for Chrome

I am a Swagbucks user and just love the Chrome extension.  It let's you know when there is a new code to enter for Swagbucks.

Swag Code

you have earned 5 SBs!

You can also input the code straight from the extension and then see your updated points.  Check it out!  If you aren't yet a Swagbucks member, you can sign up here:

Organizing Your eBay Business

~~~~~This post contains Affliate links which if clicked, will take you to another site.  If you purchase an item through my link, I will receive compensation.  This compensation helps me keep my blog and information available to you, free of charge.  Thanks for your support!~~~~~~

I have spent about 12 years as an eBay seller.  My setup has changed over the years, as my work space changes from house to house, but it's evolved into a nice list of "must-haves" and "wants".  I wanted to share them with you, in case you too have struggled getting everything organized.  I have included links so that you can see what I am referring to.


  • tape measure for accurate item description
  • goo gone to help remove price stickers
  • paper towels 
  • disinfectant wipes to clean items before photographing
  • leather cleaner for removing marks from leather purses, shoes and jackets
  • multi-purpose cleaner with vinegar- this stuff leaves a sparkly shine and removes a lot of different marks and such
  • toothbrush- use an old one for cleaning stubborn areas or tight places
  • magnifying glass to identify those little, itty-bitty marks on jewelry, etc.
  • glue- I love this glue, it works on lots of different surfaces!
  • silver cleaner/brass polish for jewelry and other metal items
  • spot remover
  • oxi-clean is great for removing stains from clothing
  • sharpie for writing on boxes or marking out old info if reusing a box
  • package tape
  • tape dispenser
  • ring sizer
  • scale- will save you money when you charge for accurate shipping
  • scissors
  • boxes- I dumpster dive, friends and family save theirs for me.  I NEVER buy boxes!
  • small bubble wrap
  • large bubble wrap
  • widget- great for scraping off stickers before using goo gone
  • utility knife- I use to cut boxes down to size
Most of you will have a lot of these items or something close to it, stashed under your sink, in the garage or a closet.  Gather them up and make a centralized area, storing them in bins or baskets for easy access.  I also like bright colored tape measures, scissors and the like, as they make it easier to spot them if you accidentally lay them down and can't find them.  

Pick an area to be your packing station.  This could be a cabinet in your dining room, a spare closet, the garage or a cabinet in the kitchen.  Store your tape, boxes, peanuts, etc. all together to save time when packing.  My goal is to have a peanut dispenser (I sell lots of fragile items).  Check out how this post on how to make your own dispenser!

Check back for my upcoming post on listing on eBay, the easy way.  Do you have any items that are imperative for you when listing on eBay?

eBay Finds

Friday, September 13, 2013


Photography is a long held interest that I never pursued.  I like taking pictures, don't mind being in a picture and I like looking at pictures.  Although I couldn't tell you what makes a photo great, I know what I like when I see it.  

A few years ago, my children bought me a decent hobby camera, but after a few years it bit the dust.  So here I am, with my only camera being my iPhone 4.  But you know what? I am thrilled with it.  Those with knowledge of photography will notice the flaws in my photos, but for me, it's totally awesome.

And with Instagram Instagram , the fun is endless!

Grandsons are heaven sent.

I love that I always have my phone with me, therefore a camera too.  It may not be a fancy, schmancy DSLRQTM (!), but it works for mwah.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quick Anytime Omelet Dish

I usually cook just for me and have been trying to have things ready to prepare a quick meal. I don't have a "planned" meal time, I eat when I am hungry. Unfortunately, this makes me grab whatever is quick, which usually isn't the best choice.

 Last week I baked a ham with a honey, mustard glaze. When I had eaten all the ham I could stand for 3 days, I chopped and sliced the rest into individual freezer bags and then combined them in a big freezer bag. So when hunger hit this morning, I saw the eggs in the fridge, remembered the ham in the freezer and this is what happened.

My eggs are never pretty, as I do not like runny eggs!  (I know, I know...Am I the only one??)  So I flip my omelets to cook both sides and they usually aren't pretty, but boy did this taste good!  When I raided the freezer for the chopped ham, I found some frozen peppers and onions, and provolone cheese.  I started browning the ham, peppers and onions in a skillet.  You could add some oil or butter, but you don't have to.  The water from the frozen vegetables gives lots of moisture.  Sometimes I make a tomato sauce to go over my omelets, but alas, there was nothing in the pantry but a can of chopped tomatoes and green chiles.  ( Can you tell I need to go the store??)  So I threw them in the pan, juice and all and allowed it to quietly simmer with the other stuff.

Next, I mixed two large eggs with about a tablespoon of cold water with a wire whisk.  This incorporates air into the eggs, which results in a more fluffy omelet.  After adding a tablespoon of butter to a medium - hot 8" skillet, I poured in the egg mixture and sprinkled with some steak seasoning.  In my opinion, steak seasoning is not just for steaks.  I use it on baked potatoes, eggs, and grits.  It has some garlic and big pieces of black pepper and looks really nice on beige colored foods.

Let it set undisturbed until the eggs start to set.  Then take your spatula and pull the edges back, while tilting the skillet to allow the uncooked egg to flow underneath.  Keep doing this periodically until all liquid is gone from the top.  That is when I flip my omelet, but of course, it isn't a requirement.

Then spoon in the yummy concoction from the other pan onto one side of the omelet.  

This is the perfect time to add the cheese of your choice.  I used provolone, but good ole American works wonders too.  Grab your plate, slide the egg onto the plate, then using the spatula and the skillet, fold the egg in half as it lands on the plate.  Takes some practice, but believe me, it still tastes just as good if you make a mess of it.  If I had made the tomato sauce, this is when I would pour it on.  

Since it was just me this morning, I have enough left for a couple of more omelets this week.  With lots of protein and veggies, this is a great go-to meal for a single guy or gal.  Plus, you can put whatever you have in the mix!  I'm thinking a cheesesteak omelet sounds good for next time.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Frozen Creamer

I love my coffee with some flavored liquid creamer. Hazelnut is my fave with a little cinnamon shaken on top when the mood strikes. For various reasons, I don't drink coffee as often as I used to. Since I'm the only coffee drinker in the house, I was throwing a lot of that expensive liquid creamer down the drain.

I knew the creamer could be frozen, so I had the bright idea of freezing it in ice cube trays. I thought after they were frozen that I could put them in a freezer bag and use as needed. Well, that didn't work so well. They are too soft and just caused a mess every time I tried to get a cube out of the bag. 

My mind wouldn't let go of the idea though. The next time I had a bottle of creamer, I froze it in a container.

I used a cookie scoop and just scooped out what I needed. It worked great!  Now, if you like really hot coffee like I do, just scoop out what you want before you get everything going in the coffeemaker.   It loses some of the chill that way and won't chill your brew.  Or zap it in the microwave for a few seconds.  This method works wonders for me and I hope it does for you too.  I love that I'm saving money and that I always have creamer when I need it. Win, win!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Wipe Off Labels for Organizing

I went searching for glass storage jars and wound up at TJ Maxx. This all started because of Pinterest and a search I did on organizing.  My kitchen has gone to the dogs since February.  With a Celiac diagnosis, I started baking all of my breads, cakes, brownies, etc. myself.  Now I have quite a collection of different flours, gums and starches.  They were bags, jars, plastic bowls, and canisters.  I was burning off all of the calories before I even got the brownies made! (Well, maybe not, but it was a lot of walking back and forth, searching and muttering for one pan of brownies.  That counts, right??) 

After hitting the mother lode in glass storage jars at TJ Maxx, I quickly realized that I needed a way to label my jars.  I have purchased printed labels in the past that I would use to label my Tupperware containers.  It was a love/hate relationship.  I loved the way it looked, but I hated that flour was the ONLY thing that could go in the container that was labeled flour. If I pulled the label off, then I wouldn't have another matching label for when I needed to label the flour again.  So I knew I wanted a way to change the label if I needed to.  I thought about the chalkboard paint, but wasn't sure it would stay on glass very well.  I also thought the chalk dust might be messy.  A little research and I found these great chalk pens.  

I absolutely love these pens!  They look like chalk, but with the fine writing of a marker and none of the dusty, chalk mess.  Now I just needed the something to use as the label.  I ran to my local Jo-Ann's and could not find anything like the chalkboard contact paper.  However, I did find this...

and it worked like a charm!  They come in sheets of different colors and designs.  I have lots of red in my kitchen, so red was what I chose.  I used one of my discount coupons and purchased a punch and went to town.

I am so happy with the results.  The duck tape stays stuck on really well and the chalk wipes off with a damp towel (or finger).  So if I decide I really don't like fava bean flour, I can totally use something else in that jar!

See how the "n" just wiped right off?

I am so happy to have ran across those sheets of duck tape.  The red is so much more cheerful in my kitchen and I like the white chalk against it too.  Now that I have my punch, it will be so easy to label any new jars that I get for my ever-growing flour collection.  What would you label with these?