Monday, September 2, 2013

Wipe Off Labels for Organizing

I went searching for glass storage jars and wound up at TJ Maxx. This all started because of Pinterest and a search I did on organizing.  My kitchen has gone to the dogs since February.  With a Celiac diagnosis, I started baking all of my breads, cakes, brownies, etc. myself.  Now I have quite a collection of different flours, gums and starches.  They were bags, jars, plastic bowls, and canisters.  I was burning off all of the calories before I even got the brownies made! (Well, maybe not, but it was a lot of walking back and forth, searching and muttering for one pan of brownies.  That counts, right??) 

After hitting the mother lode in glass storage jars at TJ Maxx, I quickly realized that I needed a way to label my jars.  I have purchased printed labels in the past that I would use to label my Tupperware containers.  It was a love/hate relationship.  I loved the way it looked, but I hated that flour was the ONLY thing that could go in the container that was labeled flour. If I pulled the label off, then I wouldn't have another matching label for when I needed to label the flour again.  So I knew I wanted a way to change the label if I needed to.  I thought about the chalkboard paint, but wasn't sure it would stay on glass very well.  I also thought the chalk dust might be messy.  A little research and I found these great chalk pens.  

I absolutely love these pens!  They look like chalk, but with the fine writing of a marker and none of the dusty, chalk mess.  Now I just needed the something to use as the label.  I ran to my local Jo-Ann's and could not find anything like the chalkboard contact paper.  However, I did find this...

and it worked like a charm!  They come in sheets of different colors and designs.  I have lots of red in my kitchen, so red was what I chose.  I used one of my discount coupons and purchased a punch and went to town.

I am so happy with the results.  The duck tape stays stuck on really well and the chalk wipes off with a damp towel (or finger).  So if I decide I really don't like fava bean flour, I can totally use something else in that jar!

See how the "n" just wiped right off?

I am so happy to have ran across those sheets of duck tape.  The red is so much more cheerful in my kitchen and I like the white chalk against it too.  Now that I have my punch, it will be so easy to label any new jars that I get for my ever-growing flour collection.  What would you label with these?